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Pioneer Lodge  A.F. &  A.M.
145 Pleasant Street
Somerset, MA 02726

Pioneer Lodge AF & AM was Constituted in 1864. The Lodge is located at 145 Pleasant Street in the quaint Village of Somerset Massachusetts and meets the 1st Monday of each month. Meetings gather at 6pm.
Instituted March 9th 1863
Constituted March 21st 1864

Worshipful Jeffrey W. Profio, Master

Pioneer Hall - 145 Pleasant Street - Somerset, MA 02726
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Worshipful Master Jeffrey W. Profio

Brother Michael Rezendes, Secretary 
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The 2018 - 2019 dues bills will be going out to all the Brothers at the beginning of August. If you're one of the few who still haven't paid your dues for this year.... please do so. The dues this year remained the same at $137 (Pioneer $68 - Grand Lodge $68 and $1 Washington fund assessment.
Dues Bills Going Out Soon......
September Lodge of Instruction 

Bristol Lodge
46 S. Washington St.
North Attleborough, MA
September 26 – 7:00 - 8:15 PM
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Pioneer Blog

The NEW Pioneer Lodge Mobile App

by Michael Rezendes on 05/08/18

The new Pioneer Lodge app is ready for your Android smartphone (iPhones use your phones's browser). You can follow the link below and install the app on your phone - just select Android or HTML5 for iPhones.

Go to to download.


Volunteering - what makes "good men better"

by Michael Rezendes on 05/03/18

The WM has already gotten some volunteers to step forward to help at our local food pantry - but that doesn't mean you can't help with other projects. Contact the Worshipful Master and discuss the possibilities of volunteerism!

Pioneer Lodge will be volunteering at the Annelle Delorme-Hagerman Food Pantry from 9 AM - 11 AM. Please arrive at 8:45 for brief instructions. The pantry is located in the small white house next to the Church of Our Saviour at 2112 County St. Somerset, MA. Breakfast is available at 8 AM if you would like to eat.

Our Newest Master Masons

by Michael Rezendes on 04/13/18

On April 02 Pioneer Lodge welcomed Andrew DaSilva, Shaun Schwarzenbach and Michael Pereira as new Master Masons. Following the degree, the Brothers gathered in Pioneer Hall for our Festive Board. It was a great evening that all will remember. After a great meal and many toasts, I read a poem which I had written with my feelings of the night.  Please enjoy.

The Crossroad

A decision made in haste or after much consideration. 

The outcome was the same, why did I have to choose.

I was there – alone at the crossroads – no one in sight.

Ahead was the same as to the left or right – nothing but an infinite universe.

My past was over – never to return but yet never to leave me.

Actions, right or wrong, had become who I am now and shaped who I will be forever.

So how to choose a path – imagine beyond the horizon – hope for the best?

The toss of a coin would serve me best – but no coin had I and no desire to leave my fate to the toss.

I thought – I’m never right – and I never desired what was left.

So a distorted logic gave me my final direction.

Ahead it shall be – ever moving forward – through time and space – ahead in direction and the universe.

Lantern held high and steadfast into my future.

2018 New England Brotherhood Night

by Michael Rezendes on 02/05/18

The 2018 New England Brotherhood Night will be held Saturday March 24, 2018 in Concord, New Hampshire. Open to all Brothers. See the attached flyer below for details.

Valentine's Dinner

by Michael Rezendes on 01/23/18

It's time to start thinking about plans for Valentine's Day. Why not join our Brothers at Ezekiel Bates for a great night of dancing and an even better prime rib feast. February 10th 7-11 PM. Black Tie Event. Tickets are only $25 PER COUPLE! For more information go to -

What's Happening In and Around Pioneer......

August 25 - 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM 
Pioneer Hall Clean-up!
145 Pleasant St, Somerset, MA

Let's get ready for the upcoming Masonic year. Come by and lend a hand to spruce up the hall. Inside and outside clean-up needed. See you there!

September 5 - 7:00 PM
Regular Communication
Pioneer Hall
145 Pleasant St, Somerset, MA

Join your Brothers for dinner at 6:15. Make reservations via the website.
The 2017 - 2018 Officers of Pioneer Lodge gathers at Bristol Lodge in Attleboro, MA for the 16th District Exemplification.
By the Numbers...... Pioneer Lodge Demographics
Worthy and Well Qualified 
- a Masonic Podcast

Join co-hosts Darrell McTague and Bryan Simmons as they discuss all things Masonic. Nothing (mostly) is off-limits or out-of-bounds. Prepare for blunt, honest, real conversations and plenty of laughs, too.