Pioneer Lodge  A.F. &  A.M.
Instituted March 9th 1863
Constituted March 21st 1864

145 Pleasant Street - Somerset, MA 02726 - (508)644-0757

Worshipful Charles A. Oldham, Master

Pioneer Lodge A.F. & A.M.
145 Pleasant Street
Somerset, MA 02726
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Worshipful Master Charles A. Oldham

Brother Michael Rezendes, Secretary 
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Grand Lodge has increased their dues by $5.00. Pioneer dues will remain at last years amount until next year. Dues are now $142.
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Officers of Pioneer Lodge 
2019 - 2020
​(L-R, front row) Bro. John Costa, Bro. Mark Guillemette, Bro. Alan Buckless, Wor. Master Charles Oldham, Bro. John Bell, Wor. Jack Bowden, Bro. Andrew DaSilva
(L-R, back row) Wor. Thomas Gallucci, Bro. James Charrette, Wor. Riley Sanders, Bro. Michael Rezendes, Bro. David Polak, Wor. Mark Maclagan
What's Happening at Pioneer
This and that from Pioneer........
For Failing to Prepare, is Preparing to Fail

Brother Benjamin Franklin
Preparedness and survival are not just a fad – they are a mindset from our not so distant past.  All we are doing is trying to make up for the time lost when we started relying on technology and government for our daily needs.  Let’s use today’s technology and blend with the skills of the past to achieve a greater level of preparedness.

Survival Presentation
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Coronavirus Update - Emergency Alerts
In an effort to bring talented musicians to our town, SPL Concerts was created in 2011.  After a few other locations - it has grown into it's final home at Pioneer Hall. Since the beginning, SPL Concerts has had a simple core tenet - to provide high quality musical entertainment at affordable ticket prices. Please support the arts and help Pioneer to fund charitable Masonic endeavors. Click here for past concerts.
DeMolay and Rainbow Girls Events

Rainbow Cookbooks are available to order on-line at
Contact DeMolay - 

Middleboro Chapter
46 South main St.
Middleboro, MA 02346
Chapter Dad Advisor - Dad Winston Joseph
Chapter Chairman - Dad Wayne Vinton
Contact Rainbow Girls - 

Middleboro #58
46 South main St.
Middleboro, MA 02346
Susan Nichols

Taunton #13
66 Winthrop St.
Taunton, MA 02870
Catherine Alegria
Pioneer Lodge & 16th District Calendar
Edwin “Buzz” Aldrin American astronaut. Second human to set foot on Extra-Terrestrial soil.
William F. Cody, a.k.a. Buffalo Bill.
Robert Burns, National poet of Scotland.
Winston Churchill, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.
Walter Chrysler, founder of Chrysler Corporation.
Samuel Langhorne Clemens, also known as Mark Twain. American author.
Nat King Cole, pianist and ballad singer.
Davy Crockett, 19th-century American folk hero, frontiersman, soldier and politician.
Walter “Walt” Elias Disney, founder of The Walt Disney Corporation.
Arthur Conan Doyle, British physician and author, creator of Sherlock Holmes.
Richard Dreyfuss, U.S. actor.
Gustave Eiffel, Designer and architect of the Eiffel Tower.
John Entwistle, Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member of The Who.
Henry Ford, Founder of the Ford Motor Company.
Benjamin Franklin, American inventor and statesman.
Harry Houdini, escape artist.
Rudyard Kipling, UK author and poet, Lahore, India; founding member.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.
Shaquille O’Neal, NBA basketball player.
Franklin D. Roosevelt, U.S. President.
Harland Sanders, American businessman and founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken.
George Washington, general, politician, and first President of the United States.
John Wayne, American actor.
Oscar Wilde, Irish playwright, novelist, and poet.

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July 25, 2020 - Pioneer Lodge Hall Association 10th Annual Charity Golf Tournament
The Golf Tournament will be held on Saturday July 25th, 2020 at the Swansea Country Club on Market St. in Swansea, MA. The cost of the event, which includes a great steak dinner, is $125 per golfer. Registration form and details are available here.
August 18, 2020 - Pioneer Lodge Annual Cigar Night
The annual Cigar Night will be held on Tuesday August  18th at 6:00 PM at the Portas Da Cidade restaurant, 231 State Rd. in Westport, MA. The cost of the event, which includes a great dinner and after dinner cigars, is $75 per person. Please contact Jim Keighley at 508-965-5134 for tickets and information.
June 1, 2020 - 7:00 Regular Communication - Cancelled
Due to current circumstances the Regular Communication for June has been cancelled. The Pioneer Election of Officers will be held at the July 6th Regular Communication. Pioneer will be meeting throughout the summer to conduct business this year.
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Updates, Emergency Orders, and Guidance:

The Re-Opening of Pioneer Lodge

Brethren - plans are in the works as to when and how Pioneer Lodge will once again open its doors. Please come back soon to get the details. Meanwhile here are some guidance documents from Grand Lodge.